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TRAKKA Safety offers a range of innovative, high-quality Floor Matting & Floor Safety products, backed by nearly 40 years of direct, practical experience in the Floor Matting market. We strive to help keep people safe and comfortable in many environments through specifying, supplying & delivering quality solutions. 

What we do

Using our industry knowledge, we are able to offer expert sales support and recommend the best solution for a specific Floor Matting & Floor Safety requirement. Whether it be at home or at work, or commercial, industrial, food service, leisure and retail applications, we have carefully selected products from reliable sources worldwide to provide a consistent quality service at a competitive price.  

  • Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mats. Standing on cold, hard floors for long periods of time causes general fatigue plus a host of other health complaints such as musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and circulatory issues including varicose veins. Standing on Anti-Fatigue matting reduces this danger as it promotes muscle movement which in turn helps blood circulation. TRAKKA Safety have a comprehensive range of Anti-Fatigue mats for every application, please contact us today to discuss your needs. 
  • Anti-Slip Mats & Floor Tapes. Slips, trips and falls account for 20% of all workplace accidents, and personal injury claims arising from these accidents are increasing. TRAKKA Safety's range of Anti-Slip Tapes and Floor Matting will help reduce these occupational risks. Our Anti-Slip tapes are easy to apply and provide an anti-slip surface quickly on for example step edges, landings and stagings etc. Our Floor Matting can provide a safe surface in wet or oily areas - contact us today to find out more.
  • Entrance Mats. It is a recognised fact that 70-80% of interior soiling enter building via foot traffic. Good entrance matting systems can dramatically reduce this by stopping dirt at the door - in fact one square metre of matting can hold up to half a litre of excess moisture or remove half a kilo of dirt in a week, significantly reducing cleaning and maintenance costs and preventing slip hazards. TRAKKA Safety's Entrance Matting range combines style and performance, ensuring a good first impression and effective dirt control in any doorway. 
  • FOOTPRINTS - Promotional Mats. Printed mats offer excellent opportunities for corporate marketing and endless possibilities for companies supplying the end user and gift markets. Footprints is a TRAKKA Safety brand specialising in promotional floor advertising and bespoke printed doormats using special manufacturing and printing processes to achieve high definition images on to a range of mat options. From single colour logos through to full colour photo-quality images, we have a product to suit almost any application. Our range covers household mats, commercial entrance mats plus point-of-sale, bar top and exhibition products. Minimum order quantities are surprisingly low and lead times are kept as short as possible - we can even deliver direct to your clients with guaranteed confidentiality.  
  • Food Service Mats. Floor Matting is increasingly used in the food and catering industries to enhance worker comfort and create a safe working environment. the TRAKKA Safety range contain a selection of products specifically designed to meet the particular demands of this market. 
  • Leisure Mats. TRAKKA Safety have a selection of products designed to enhance sports and leisure environments where underfoot safety and comfort are of paramount importance. 


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The above is just an overview of the solutions TRAKKA Safety can provide, contact us to discuss all things Floor Matting and Floor Safety! 

Email: sales@trakkasafety.com 

Phone: 0333 567 8080

This website is under ongoing development, more products and information will uploaded in the coming weeks, but in the meantime if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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