ORTHOMASTER® Healthcare Mats

Provides relief from inflammation, aches and pains often associated with plantar fasciitis.
An exceptional breakthrough in closed cell Medical Stress Mats with premium Ergonomic Comfort combined with Unsurpassed Anti-fatigue Properties.
Unlike other fluid resistant anti fatigue mats, the distinguished closed cell formula of the Orthomaster® medical stress mat (sometimes referred to as ortho mats) reduces liquid absorption, proving itself to be the preferred ergonomic anti-fatigue medical mat for all healthcare and TGA audited sites.
Excellent stress mats while standing on hard floors in perioperative environments. It’s outstanding Orthopaedic properties provide relief to aches and pains often associated with plantar fasciitis and qualifies these medical floor mats for all Human Resource Injury Management Compliancy.
The preferred medical anti fatigue matting for use in all perioperative and operating surgical rooms commonly referred to as anti-fatigue mats for surgery. Built-in antimicrobial treatment means mould, mildew and bacteria don’t stand a chance.

Free evaluation mat available for 30 days on site.